Zoom into the meeting screen

You can choose to only see the presented material if you want to focus on it instead of the colleagues in the meeting room.

In the  meeting room, you have the option to zoom in on the presentation material for a closer view.

Zooming in
To focus solely on the presentation material, click on the screen where the content is being displayed. This action will zoom in, allowing you to view the presentation in full-screen mode. This immersive view helps you concentrate on the material being shared.

Zooming out

To exit full-screen mode and return to the standard meeting room view where you can see everyone, simply click on the presentation image again. This will zoom out, restoring the regular meeting room display and enabling you to see all participants once more.

Zooming in and out gives you control over your viewing experience, allowing you to switch between a close-up view of the presentation and a broader view of the meeting room.

By utilizing the zoom feature, you can focus on the presentation content when needed, ensuring a seamless and immersive meeting experience.