View and perspective

You can choose if you wan't to experience the virtual 3D office from a first or third person view.

Perspective - First or Third Person View

You have the option to choose between a first or third person view to observe the virtual office. Upon entering the office, you will start in third person view, seeing the back of your own avatar.

If you prefer a wider perspective, you can stay in third person view to see your avatar from an external viewpoint.In third person view, you can observe your avatar and the surrounding environment.

In first person view, it feels as if you are looking through the avatar's eyes, providing a more immersive experience.

Alternate Views

You can use the following methods to switch between first and third person views:


  1. "C" Key:
    • Press and hold the "C" key for a moment to toggle between first and third person views.
    • Note that this method does not work while you are seated.

  1. Scroll Wheel:

    • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use it to scroll in and out of first person view. Scrolling forward brings you closer to first person view, while scrolling backward takes you back to third person view.

Remember, the choice of perspective is entirely up to you. You can switch between first and third person views to find your preferred visual experience. Enjoy exploring the virtual office from different perspectives!