Stuttering and/or slow navigation

This is a small guide on how to improving performance and framerate in the Co. Society application.

If you're encountering performance issues or a low framerate while using the Co. Society application, there are steps you can take to enhance your experience. Co. Society operates best on Windows 10 or Windows 11 64-bit systems. If your computer falls under the lower-end category with a 12th generation i5 CPU and less than 16 GB of RAM, adjusting the quality settings can help address the problem.

Don't worry if you're unsure about your computer's specifications; just follow the steps below if you're experiencing stuttering or slow movement in the virtual office.

Here's how you can adjust the Quality Settings

  1. Start by opening the Co. Society application.

  2. Look for the main menu and click on "Settings". You can also access the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the toolbar if you're allready inside the virtual office.
  3. In the Settings menu, navigate to the "Video" section.

  4. Look for the option called "Overall Quality" and select "Low" for better performance.
  5. Adjust the "Overall Quality" to "Low" for improved performance.
  6. Once you've made these selections, click on "Save" to apply the changes.

By lowering the overall quality settings, you can reduce the strain on your system's resources and achieve better performance in the virtual office. These adjustments can help make the navigation smoother and enhance your overall experience.

Please note that these steps are specifically for improving performance and framerate. If you have any further technical issues or questions, it's recommended to seek assistance from Co. Society's support team or consult with someone knowledgeable in IT.

Still not good? Try to adjust Windows Power Settings for optimal performance.