Sit down

You won't get tired in your legs by standing up in your virtual office, but you might still feel a bit more relaxed if you take a seat during meetings or conversations.

There are two convenient ways to take a seat and relax:

  1. Double click-to-sit
    To sit down, position your avatar near a chair, sofa or any other kind of seating and simply double click with the right button on the furniture. Your avatar will then take a seat at the location you clicked on. 

  2. Keyboard Shortcut
    Alternatively, you can walk close to a chair or sofa and press the "E" key on your keyboard. The avatar will automatically take a seat if there's an empty spot where you clicked. This method offers a quick and convenient way to sit down without the need for mouse interaction.

Feel free to find some seating that suits your preference and take a seat whenever you need a break or wish to engage in a relaxed conversation.