Private conversation zones

As you navigate through our virtual platform, you may come across zones marked by a green line, featuring chairs and/or sofas. These areas are known as Private Conversation Zones.

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Let's delve into what they are and how they can benefit you:

  1. Ensuring Privacy
    Private Conversation Zones offer a secluded space where you can engage in confidential discussions with colleagues, your boss, or employees. These zones are designed to facilitate private conversations away from the prying ears of others in the virtual office.

  2. Confidential Discussions
    Feel free to utilize Private Conversation Zones for various types of discussions, such as interviews, salary negotiations, or any conversation you prefer to keep discreet. These zones provide a secure environment where you can openly communicate without the fear of being overheard.

  3. Audio Isolated
    Inside a Private Conversation Zone, the conversations remain isolated from the surrounding environment. Not only are you shielded from external distractions, but others outside the zone cannot hear the discussions within. This ensures that your conversation remains confidential and undisturbed.

  4. Uninterrupted Focus
    By utilizing Private Conversation Zones, you can fully concentrate on your conversation without distractions from the outside. The isolation from external noise and conversations allows for an uninterrupted and focused exchange of ideas or information.

Remember, Private Conversation Zones are designated areas within the virtual platform where you can have confidential discussions without being overheard. Take advantage of these zones for sensitive conversations, interviews, or any discussion that requires privacy. You do not need to book them and you won't have to leave the main hall to have a private conversation. It couldn't get any easier!