Microphone or sound not working

If you're facing difficulties with your microphone or sound while using the Co. Society application, follow the easy steps below to resolve the problem.


  1. Open Settings: Locate the Settings option within the Co. Society application. If you're allready inside the virtual office, this is found by clicking the cogwheel icon in your lower taskbar.

    Settings is also accessible through the start menu that you get to after logging in with your Microsoft Credentials but before entering the virtual office.

  2. Adjust Audio Settings: Look for the "Audio" section within the Settings menu. Ensure that the correct input device (Microphone/Headset) and output device (Speakers/Headset) are selected.

    If needed, choose the appropriate devices from the options provided. Once you've made the selections, remember to click on "Save" to apply the changes.

By ensuring the correct audio input and output devices are selected, you can restore proper functionality to your microphone and sound in the Co. Society application.