What does first and third person view mean?

In our virtual reality office software, you have the option to choose between two different perspectives: first person view and third person view. Let's explore the differences!

1st person
First Person View

  • In first person view, you see the virtual environment through the eyes of your avatar. You observe the office as if you were looking through their eyes.
  • First person view provides a more immersive and realistic feeling. It allows you to deeply connect with your avatar's perspective, seeing the environment from their vantage point.

3rd personThird Person View

  • When you enter the virtual office, you will initially be in third person view.
  • You can switch to third person view from the default first person view, read about how to do that here.
  • In third person view, you observe the virtual office from an external viewpoint. You can see your avatar and the surrounding environment as a separate entity.
  • This perspective offers a wider field of view, allowing you to have a broader perspective of your avatar's actions and movements within the office.