Application crashes

If you encounter application crashes while using Co. Society, follow these steps to handle the situation and help improve the application's stability:

  1. Observe Crash Screen: When the application crashes, you'll likely see a specific screen displayed.

  2. Take a print screen of the message above: Sending us this print screen ensures that our developers can connect the right crash report to the right description of the problem.
  3. Submit Crash Report: On the crash screen, you will have the option to select either "Send and Close" or "Send and Restart." To assist the Co. Society team in investigating and resolving the crash, it's important to choose one of these options. This action ensures that the crash report is sent to the appropriate team for further analysis.

  4. Contact Service Desk through the support form and add the print screen of the crash report. 

    Crashes might indicate a bigger problem that involves more/all users. We want to start working on it as fast as possible. By reporting the application crashes, you contribute to enhancing the stability and performance of the Co. Society virtual office experience, enabling the team to address and rectify any issues identified.